Rougneck 808 VFI Sport

Vanaf: € 130.00 per persoon


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Roughneck 808 VFI Sport
Equipped with powerful 300hp Suzuki engines, the boats can achieve speeds over 110 km/h. Often seen competing in the European RIB Rally’s – known for their often rough conditions , these eight meter long RIB boats (Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats ) make amply demonstrate their top quality. In fact they are unsurpassed in terms of speed, comfort and security – they are the top choice!

Comfort of passengers is one of the foremost aspects in our minds. For this reason, all the boats are equipped with specialist Ullman Dynamics brand seats. Having excellent built in suspension, the seats even provide sufficient stable support for people with back problems, ensuring minimal shock as the seats counter the up and down motion of the boat. Even a rough sea is therefore ‘plain sailing’.

Obviously safety is paramount, these boats can not sink. Besides the compulsory lifejackets for everyone on board, the crew gives special safety instructions to all passengers. The boats have the latest navigation technology such as Garmin 5012 GPS and each boat is also equipped with standard VHF radio, fire extinguisher, first aid kit and emergency signalling equipment.

Nature Friendly
The boats are equipped with environmentally friendly Suzuki DF 300 four-stroke engines. Even at the highest speeds they barely make a sound, and they also keep the CO2 emissions to a minimum!

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Specificaties van de boot

  • Aantal passagiers 7 personen
  • Categorie Met schipper dagtocht
  • Vaarbewijs Niet van toepassing
  • Slaapplaatsen 0
  • Vaargebied Adriatische Zee
  • Ligplaats Split
  • Lengte 8.00 meter
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Categorieën Met schipper dagtocht
Model RIB
Merk Roughneck
Naam Rougneck 808 VFI Sport
Rolstoeltoegang Nee
Huisdieren Niet toegestaan
Land Kroatie
Vaargebied Adriatische Zee
Ligplaats Split
Buitendouche Nee
Bad Nee
Sauna Nee
Lengte 8.00
Vaarbewijs Niet van toepassing
Elektrisch Nee
Wi-Fi Nee
Motortype 300 PK
Stuur Buiten
Droogvallen Nee
Airco Nee
Open kuip Nee

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